Berwick Planning Consultants

Jon Tweddell Planning provides planning advice and town planning consultancy to all sectors of the market in the Berwick area. Most of our work is collating planning applications and planning appeals, though a wide range of other services are available. Using experience gained in the public sector our remit is normally to maximise the value of a site by gaining planning permission for new development. We are planning consultants covering Berwick, Northumberland and the wider North East region.

Berwick Planning Consultants
Berwick Planning Applications

Berwick Planning Applications

Jon Tweddell Planning provides planning advice to all sectors of the market including residential, commercial, retail, industrial and tourism in Berwick. Most of our work is collating planning applications for new development. We work alongside your Architect to advise on all aspects of the planning process.

Berwick Planning

Berwick Planning Appeals

If you are based in Berwick and your planning application has been refused permission, you have a right of appeal. We can also undertake planning appeal work. We will always make an assessment on the feasibility of your project, before undertaking an appeal. Sometimes our advice is to pursue an alternative route, such as a revised planning application, rather than an appeal. We would never advise you to go down a route that is destined to fail.

Commercial & Residential Berwick Planning
Jon Tweddell Planning Berwick

Commercial & Residential Berwick Planning

We undertake a wide range of work including residential and commercial. We can advise on the acceptability of your proposal, before lodging a formal planning application. Our residential work includes one-off executive homes, barn conversions, paragraph 80 houses, major housing developments and also large, strategic developments in Berwick. The commercial work includes advising on new retail stores, industrial proposals and associated permitted development rights. We also advise on chalet, caravan and lodge proposals for tourism, residential and commercial purposes.

Jon Tweddell Town Planning

Meet Jon

Jon Tweddell is a chartered Town Planner with around 20 years experience in the industry. Studying in Newcastle upon Tyne Jon has a degree and a diploma in Town Planning. After working various roles within Local Government and private practice Jon launched his business in 2005. After spending numerous years developing relationships in the public and private sectors Jon says, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!’

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